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Chapter: 6 - Treatment

Subchapter: 5 - Breast Tissue Conservation Surgeries

If the cancer is detected early enough, there are options that will remove the cancer while preserving breast tissue. The common types are the lumpectomy (most often followed by breast radiation treatments) and the partial mastectomy.

A lumpectomy usually removes the least amount of breast tissue. The surgeon removes the cancer and a small portion of the surrounding tissue, but not the breast itself. Even though the lumpectomy is the least invasive breast cancer surgery, it can still be very effective, and further surgery may not be needed.

Partial Mastectomy
A partial mastectomy requires the surgeon to remove a larger portion of the breast than in the lumpectomy — perhaps a whole segment or quadrant of tissue — in order to eliminate the cancer. Occasionally, the surgeon will remove some of the lining over the chest muscles as well.

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