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17 years old I been having breast pain for 6 months I have a family history of breast cancer on both sides. I had ultrasound they found nothing my mom asked for mri they found 9mm mass and I was told to get another ultrasound

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  • Betti A Profile
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    I'm not a doctor but they probably don't want to do a biopsy on a person your age unless absolutely necessary. It sounds like it is really small and may be difficult to see it to do a biopsy. I had 2 areas and after a positive biopsy only then was an MRI ordered to see if was 2 separate areas or 1 large one with an area coming off of it. I understand you have a strong family history of breast cancer, I had none but when all was said and done I had 4 areas of cancer in my one breast.
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    additontion to my question. but my question is why haven’t ask for biopsy to check mass
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