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So just got home from the hospital did anyone have pain from from arms to legs they said it Normal i flaps repmoved from back once up I find I just sugury on Wednesday and pluse I have 6 drains in and I q ball pump

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    It sounds like you had major surgery and I imagine some pain is to be expected. Don't overdo yourself and take it easy, OK? All my best, Betti
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    I had the same surgery in 2012 and I know the pain you are in. Please take it easy. Doing too much too soon will slow healing and cause scar tissue build up. Stay strong and good luck with your treatment! Don't be afraid of asking for help when you need it so your energy and focus is on RECOVERY.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    I no I so hard not to when you have 3 year old I have my cousin with she a big help
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    The flap surgery is o e of the most painfuls from all reconstructions! Plus drains hurt! A lot! And you have 6 of them! Ouch! You’ll feel really relieved when you removed the drains! DO NOT OVERDUE! Rest! And if you have somebody to help you, ask them to kind of “tickle” your back with the tip of their fingers. Very soft. That will hellpmyour nerves to “wake up” normally. Good luck. This will shall pass! (I’m a 8 years double radical mastectomy plus chemo survivor!)
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