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How long after chemo does neuropathy end

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    Everyone is affected differently. I'm thankful I never experienced it but was prepared if I did. I have a friend who had it before her chemo. so didn't know if it worsened or not.
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      Learning About Breast Cancer

      Thanks. INext week is my 12th & last Taxol treatment and the numbness in both hands and feet just got worse. Is there any remedies?

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      I'd ask you doctor(s) about it as what mine may have recommended yours would want you doing something else.

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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Sometimes a few months. Anything from 2 to 6 months. Sometimes, it’ll never gomaway. Depends how strong and long was the chemo and how much damage it made for your nerves terminations. Sorry, I know it’s not an answr we want to read but I live with it for almost 8 years and I’m totally used to it. Oh, BTW, acupuncture, yoga or pillates helps a lot!
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