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Hi my husband just had chemo done next to his liver but every time he eats his taste is different he does not like the taste of anything is this normal I need to know what to do

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    I'm not a doctor but recall being told the chemo. meds. I got could alter my taste. Some foods I liked prior to chemo. didn't taste all that good during chemo. and some I didn't like tasted good. Also I was told if possible to use plastic utensils as normal silverware can cause a metallic taste in my mouth. They told me to eat whatever tasted good at the time and it will get better. He needs to talk with his team and see what they say.
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    It will get better I yes starting to taste food and i"m.done with chemo a month ago
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    While I was in chemo EVERYTHING tasted bad! Apples tasted like rubber. I couldn’t eat anything spicy or too salty. I never knew what I was going to be able to eat. Even my regularly favored foods were weird. What I ate most was very rare meat (and my doctor said we do feel a little like vampires seeking for the blood because is rich in iron) and grapefruits. All the mouth sores and the metallic flavor we have in the mouth during the whole chemo, plus the nausea, really changes the flavors. And we act like pregnant women - I LOVE coffee, but during chemo I couldn’t even smell it.
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