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For my bilateral mastectomy w/ breast recon gals - any of you ever ruptured an implant? If so, how did you know?

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    Survivor since 2013
    I can only answer from experience as a retired Mammographer. I have seen it occur and the patient knew it had probably happened as there was a size difference and they had some pain involved. You need to be seeing your surgeon or whoever put them in to have it checked.
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    Survivor since 2014
    I have silicon implants in both breasts. I had them done in 2014. When I was diagnosed the 2nd time in May, they did an MRI that showed one side had a rupture. I had no idea and they must have seen something in the ultrasound that I had before the MRI. They say it’s recommended you get your implants checked every 5 years. I guess the ruptures are more common than you think.
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    I have not ruptured an implant. If you suspect a rupture, I suggest an appointment with your surgeon ASAP.
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