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My oncologist says he never had this question asked in 20 years., and all the doctors he asked said it should not interfere with my right side loss of nodes and it can be put there. I hope it will be okay.

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Stage 2B Patient about 8 years
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    Connie, are you referring to a port being placed?
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      If so, I had my port placed on the side where I first had cancer, with 9 nodes removed. No problems.

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    Stage 2B Patient
    Sorry Sharon I had more to that question but it's somewhere else since I messed up posting. It was. About a port being put on the side where lymph nodes were removed. I had a bilateral mastectomy. But the doctors relented and they are putting the port on the other side tomorrow. I think I may have made too much of a pain out of myself after reading more about it
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