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My first chemo yesterday and therm the neulasta shot this morning. Anyone get flushed after neulasta. No fever but face is flushed and arm around shot site.

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Stage 2B Patient almost 8 years
  • Diana Foster Payne Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    I never experienced flushing myself but one of the other ladies might have. Have you called your Oncologist's office?
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    Survivor since 2011
    I got flushed the day after chemo-not from neulesta. It got better with time
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  • shen cruces Profile
    Stage 3A Patient
    I took Claritin with my neupogen shots which helped greatly with my side effects. I would definitely call you nurse/doc about it.
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  • vicki e Profile
    Stage 2B Patient
    The cortisone they give with chemo will also cause flushing. Goes away after a few days
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    • Wendy DeLong Profile
      Learning About Breast Cancer

      Yes the steroids had this effect on me as well. However after a couple days I did have body aches in my neck, shoulders, and back.... Flu like.... From the neulasta. I'm done with AC and start taxol Thursday. Good luck to you :)

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