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Hi girls, I'm just about to start on Paclitaxel and was wondering if anyone else has been on it. If so, how did it go?

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    Ive had 8 of 12. For me it's been much better than A/C. Still tired and weak and no stamina!! However for very doable. I'm working 35 hours week. No neuropathy as of yet :). After work prettying lay around and rest up. I've not had nausea and feel blessed for this. My chemo nurses say I have done great with this. But even so- its the hardest thing I've ever done. Physically and mentally. You can do this!!! Be positive and get ready to fight! Even on your worst day you have to tell yourself you will be done soon!!!! This will make you stronger and a fighter!!!! You go girl!!!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    Im on number 9 of 12 and it's been doable. Don't get me wrong, there have been tons of side effects, but so far manageable. Feel fluish and tired almost all week, underlying feeling of nausea at times but Compazine helps with that, hair loss sucked but again it's doable. Hot flashes have been what bother me most ~ I live in the south so it's already hot and humid in the mid 90's so it's harder to cool off and when I do I end up with chills lol
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