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My mom was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago .. She had a double mastectomy and then another surgery today to remove the lymph nodes under her left armpit ... What does it look like from here ?

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    Kelsie, Believe it or not, she is still in a bit of a diagnostic's phase. Once she gets the pathology report, she will then find out what treatment she will need as far as chemo. What type of breast cancer and stage did they put her at? Is she ER PR +or- What is her her2 status? There is a whole lot that goes into diagnostic, which then will guide her oncologist in the direction of her treatment plan. It is quite a journey and she will need the love and support of her family and friends. She is probably going to have some tough days but she will make it and come out the other side one tough cookie. She is lucky to have you by her side. Hang in there.... and take care, Sharon.
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