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Is a hardness in the breast tissue normal during radiation?

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  • Gizelle D'Orsey Profile
    Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama
    My radiologist said it was. I too have a hardening in the area of radiation.
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  • Sherry Downing Profile
    Aprendendo sobre o câncer de mama
    Yes. I am six years past radiation and I am still hardened and numb in areas. The radiation does a lot of damage (at least in my case) but the alternative made it worth it. Hmmmm...a tumor or hardness. You can guess what I decided to do!
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  • Linda  Einzinger Profile
    Stage 1 Paciente
    It's been 2 months post radiation (16). My breast feels heavy and is much larger than my cancer free breast. The nipple is much larger, darker. I get pings and it hurts if I knock it. I have small B breasts. My radiologist oncologist tells me this is normal and that I should massage the breast. It doesn't seem to help. So to answer your question or anyone else who has this question, I'm not sure it's normal. It doesn't feel normal.
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