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My scalp is incredibly itchy 7 days after the first TC chemo. My head is now covered with sores from scratching and I'm worried about infection. Do I shave it off early and slather bepanthan on my head or should this not be happening?

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  • julie s Profile
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    I'd consult my oncologist...
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  • Isabel Souchet Profile
    乳癌幸存者从 2010
    Yes you should call oncologist. You may need an antibiotic cream
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  • terri best Profile
    Stage 2B 病人
    I've also had my first AC. I haven't had any itching as of yet. You need to call your doctors office if your head is covered in sores. This is something they would want to know about and they could direct you in what to do.
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    It fell out on 13 th day. Got my girls together to shave it and now 21 days later I am bald. Tea tree shampoo keeps my head chemical free and no more redness and itching. I was losing my eyebrows but am happy they have decided to stay.
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