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My mother died of breast cancer at the age of 38 - does this mean I might get it?

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    I am so sorry to hear your mom died so young of breast cancer. You have breast cancer history in your family so you are at greater risk. However, I believe every woman is at risk since 1 in 8 woman have a chance of getting breast cancer. The difference for you is that you want to be diligent in getting mammograms as directed by your physician and the doctor may recommend you start at an earlier age than the general population.
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    Dear Cindy Just stay on your checkups regular that's all you can do
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    My mother also passed away of breast cancer at the age of 40 - I have had cancer twice and now found out I have the breast cancer gene..you should get checked out to be on the safe side! Good luck, sorry for your loss..I know how hard it is.
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