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I'm the same 14 year old who asked the other ? I feel what feels like "cords" and a bump that moves around under my nipple....?????

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    It's good you are aware and are doing the self exam. I would think what you are feeling is very normal breast tissue, glands & milk ducts. Your breasts can change as you get older and change with your periods as well. It's best to 'get to know' your breasts & figure out what is normal so you'll notice any change. With your period, they can swell & be sore. It's best to do an exam each month after your period has stopped. If you still have concerns talk with an adult & get checked out. Prayers to you.
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      Learning About Breast Cancer

      Thank u :)

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    Brianna, I started self exams at 16 & wondered how anyone could tell if there was a lump as I felt all kinds of stuff. But as Andre said, continue to do it and in a few months you will understand what's normal for you. If your school has a nurse you can go talk to her or your family doctor. A doctor can do an exam and help you understand what's normal and assure you things are ok. You can check with the American Cancer Society where you van get information on self exams & even details on health fairs in your area where you can talk one on one with a professional. Just remember, you are not destined to get cancer. Practice good eating habits, exercise and take good care of yourself, these things do make a difference. You're on the right track, do the self exams & reach out again if you need to talk. It's a scary topic, but education and knowing your body will help you now and in the future. Prayers & Blessings, Penny
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