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I have discomfort in my left nipple...sort of hyper-sensitivity and pain. I examined by breast and feel a small lump on the left side. I will schedule with Dr. but wondered if it is less likely to be anything since it was sudden onset of symptoms

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    Any time you notice a change its good to get it checked. Hopefully it's nothing but better to find out than to worry. Keep us posted!
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  • Leah Fortune Profile
    Stage 4 Patient
    I could always be a number of things, like a clogged duct etc. that why everyone always says get it checked its that 1 in 8 that it isn't that scares us.
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    乳癌幸存者从 2013
    It definitely is a good idea to let your doctor check it out just to be safe. My lump was painful, and I guess the first time you feel a lump it is seems "sudden". Probably you are going to be fine, seeing your doctor will hopefully put your mind at ease.
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    I would certainly get it checked out, if only for peace of mind.
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