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Is anyone dealing with a stage 4 lubluar breast cancer spread to the bones?

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    I was diagnosed with lobular with mets to rib and scapula, Sept 18th last year, had bilateral mastectomy Jan 2013, I'm taking Arimidex pill daily, plus monthly shots of Lupron(which shuts down the ovaries), and Xgeva for building bone. Last pet scan in Aug, showed no new cancer. I have no side effects, some hot flashes. I feel really good, no pain at all. Prayers to you.
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    My mam has lobular breast cancer two hotspots showed up on her ribs she was diagnosed 6 weeks ago her onc has put her on a tablet form chemo two weeks on and one week off for three months then they will operate and after that they said that they would give her radiation mam is finished her first two weeks of tablets wat kind of treatment did they suggest for you
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