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I have now lost my eyelashes...wondering if they will grow back? Oh, and I finished chemo 2 months ago!!!

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  • Life is Good! Profile
    Sobrevivente desde 2003
    Eyelashes and eyebrows grow back quickly but mine were not as full. Congrats on being done treatment.
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  • André Roberts Profile
    Stage 1 Paciente
    Yep, didn't lose my brows & lashes until after I was done. They came in right away, but very thin. Prayers to you.
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  • Betti A Profile
    Sobrevivente desde 2013
    I never totally lost mine but they both have thinned out, I'm a year out of chemo.
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  • Alison Soule Profile
    Sobrevivente desde 2011
    Mine grew back before I even had time to adjust without them . My eyebrows had thinned a lot and I didn't realize it until those parts started to grow back, because they were darker. Eye lashes were gone for like 2 weeks, but started to come right back because i lost them after I was done with chemo
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  • Mary G Profile
    Sobrevivente desde 2013
    I was the same way, a few eyelashes hung around until after chemo ended. About 3 weeks later everything was gone. They came back slowly but surely and when I started using Latisse they came back quickly. It's a bit expensive and you need an RX from one of your Docs, I got mine from the plastic surgeon but well worth it in my option. Gave me a sense of normalcy back. Best to you.
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