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Diane Washington

Survivor since 2012

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Goodlettsville, Tennessee
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I was called to come to doctor office immediately. I know this is not good. Dr Wall enter and says this is unbelievable honey you have cancer you have to be kidding me wow numb scared and shocked but, my faith held me together  I now have appt. tomorrow with a cancer breast surgeon not thinking too positive at this time how do I tell my daughter this at a time we both are already hurting wow! We just experienced them loss of my grandmother on 10/27/11. A week later we buried her on 11/4/11 I was diagnosed on 11/11//11.

The day I found out that I had cancer 11/11.No one  could imagine  how  I felt. I immediately went into prayer so let's take this journey. I begin to pray and then I read a book that Valerie Golden (Allen) wrote Stand Woman Stand after she went through cancer I remember telling her that she would beat this.

To day is the big day 4/24/12 surgery I am ready and have lots of prayers. Maggie anointed me with prayer and oil. And Bea and Tim from church came by to pray with me. I had lots of prayer  and love on this day I must say a little scared. So step one marker in in breast wasn't to bad. Then they rolled me over surgical area for Iv and medicine for surgery.  I  had a large mass and they reduce both breast, Both doctors came in and I got a miracle from Dr.  Lawson it was the cancer was gone that was a moment if praise and miracles . Still have to speak with Dr.Willis to see what he wants to do. 

Today three months later I have three more Chemo. Treatment and thirty days if radiation and I'm doing great. I'm a survior!!!!!!!

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