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Joan Rosov

Stage 3A Patient

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We had just retired,closing my husband's dental practice of 43 yrs.. We sold our big home in Palm Beach county and moved to a small college town (Gainesville,FL) to start our GOLDEN YEARS. Ha! Ha!. We had been in our new home 5 mns. when I was diagnosed with stage 2A. I had a lumpectomy(2007) First mistake. I didn't do my home work. Raced into the operating rm and then 36 sessions of radiation. I was 6 mons out and ready for the first mamogram when CANCER was found in the right breast. Knowing I had to have a masectomy i first went to a plastic surgeon and was advised that since I had radiation my skin was damaged and I was not a canadiate for reconstruction. My surgeon still did a tissue sparing procedure when removing the right breast in hopes I could find a resource elsewhere.. Then 36 more treatments of radiation. By this time I had a slight cough. I had gone to another MD for a second opinion and he refered me to a pulmonary specialist. I now had ARS which is Pulmonary Acute Radiation Syndrome. I was placed on RX's and oxygen 24/7. That was in 12/2009. My lungs were improving, at least I could talk without coughing. I thought finally I could start my 5 year window for surviivorship. Ha! Ha!. In the fall of 2010 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. More surgery and this time chemo only.. I have lumpadema in both arms. So with both my arm sleeves on and my O2 hose on , one breast hanging as I still can't wear a bra for long periods. I look like a creature from abother planet. I just had a PET scan. All clear, NO uptakes, so now I can restart my 5 year journey. I in a support group and we all laugh a say, if the cancer doesn't ruin your day, the treatment will.That's my story. I regret not doing my homework; but I'm from a generation that didn't question the "white coats" Oh, I forgot, they inserted a port and ran the tube up the side of my neck. Because of my build, that tube is very eveident and adds to my odd creature appearance. .

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