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Just finished my first cycle of taxotere and am 3 days out the joint pain. (the aching is unbearable) The Dr perscribed lortab which dulls the pain. Any advice on what to do for some relief?

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    Yes Vickie's right...if you've had the Neulasta shot...that may very well be the cause. If so...try this...two days before your next dose of Neulasta, take Claritan (not Claritan D). Take one per day beginning two days before and the day of your visit. Then continue to take Claritan for three days after along with the pain meds your dr. prescribed. It really does work!!
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    Havent needed the nuelesta my white counts are hanging in for now ! I started taking a multi vitamin cause I heard b vitamins help with joint pain
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    Acupuncture really helped me.
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    Did you have neulasta after your chemo? It may very well be the neulasta that is causing the joint pain.
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