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Will my health suffer when I'm off my normal supplement routine? I normally take biotin, b12, calcium and others. I start chemo on June 12th and my doc wants me to stop taking which makes me a bit nervous.

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    Sylvia, I think Vicki E's statement is so correct. Set aside your apprehension and concentrate on getting through your treatments. At this stage, your supplements may be doing more harm than good. Hang in there and take care, Sharon
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    Sylvia they told me to quit taking my supplements during chemo too. I guess the thinking is you dont want your cells (good and bad) to be strong enough to resist the chemo. Makes sense when you think about it like that. Let that nasty chemo do its job
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    No your health won't suffer at all, most of us don't need supplements we are being conned by the vitamin companies. Unless you have had a blood test and you are lacking something all of those things you are taking are going down the toilet because there are very few things your body stores for later. Eating a healthy diet is the best thing you can do. Don't stress, you will be fine.
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