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Had Lumpectomy and removal of 2 nodes 16 days ago.... I feel that my breast feels heavy.... and still sore... Is this normal? I have no fever and no redness the scars are healing very nice... Guess the heaviness of the Breast is worrying me... Any advice?

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    HI Carla, That was how mine felt. Had to wear soft sports bra all of the time. Still have to at night sometimes. I'm constantly putting on and taking off the bra. The scar seems to tug. Annoying. I found stretching helps with that, but if you have large breast you'll probably feel it more. Had my surgery Apr 4 and have tenderness and uncomfortable twinges but glad i still have the little girl. It will improve. :-D Jo
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    I had my second surgery in March and I still have not healed inside. That breast is sometimes hot feeling and still aches. The onc. Said it could take a year to heal. Just be sure to discuss everything with your drs. That is the best source.
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