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What is the risk of me developing breast cancer if my mom had it twice?

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    You both should be tested for the Brca gene. Your chances are much higher if it's genetic. If not it's the same as anyone else.
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    I also suggest looking into genetic testing. There are other factors to consider, as well. Such as your Mother's age when she was first diagnosed & what type of cancer she had. If she was younger than 40 and/or had triple negative breast cancer, I HIGHLY recommend getting the BRCA test. And because of your mother's diagnoses, your insurance should approve the testing. Especially if anyone else on your mother's side of the family have had breast or ovarian cancer. Good luck!
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    Learning About Breast Cancer
    However, if your BRAC testing is negative that simply means that you don't have either of the KNOWN gene mutations that cause breast cancer. It does not mean that you are in the clear for a genetic cause of breast cancer. Don't let your guard down.
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