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What are the chances of breast cancer coming back after chemo?

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Survivor since 2007 about 9 years
  • Mary Anne Babicky-Bouton Profile
    stage_4 病人
    I am 2 1/2 years from last radiation treatment. I had no active cancer at that time, The chemo and radiation was because I was intermediate chance of recurrence. I was just diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. It's in lymph nodes, bone and neck. Please ask your oncologist to do pet scan or something 1 year after you complete treatment. I just found a lump in my neck but no other symptoms. This was not anybody's fault but I wish I had had some kind of scan to check after 1 year. Starting oral chemo in two weeks. God bless and good luck!
    almost 5 years Comment Flag
  • 匿名 Profile
    I was told by both my surgeon and oncologist that should there be a reoccurrence it would be within five years.
    about 7 years Comment Flag
  • Kathy Fulton Profile
    I was told anywhere from 5 years to 20years it could come back.
    about 5 years Comment Flag
  • lynn walton Profile
    Mine has come back twice but I'm told that is really odd
    over 4 years Comment Flag

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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