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Trisha Muller Quinn

Survivor since 2014

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Springfield Lakes, Queensland , Australia
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I'm a 53 yes women married to a great husband with 2 adult sons with a grandson .. While on a holiday in sept '13 I noticed a dimpling on my left breast .., oct 13 double mast ... About a 8 cms tumor with tails going everywhere .. I lost about 10 nodes half was cancerous ...I had large breasts and I lost about 3 kgs when they were taken off !!!i had for 3 mths a ongoing problems with Seroma in both breast sometimes getting 700 mls out!!!! Then I started chemo ... I wanted to die !! It really made me really sick !! And I'll never do that again!!! Radiation was a breeze !! 25 sessions I thought I was done with everything. Then in late April14 overnight my ex breast filled with fluid and I had a huge temp , the doctors said it was a internal staph infection ..this lead to 17 days and 3 admission in hosp and 21 days at home hooked up to a drip with mega antibiotics and 8 ultra sounds to help to drain the fluid out out the area. But now I'm back at full time work as a correctional officer , I have lost 6 kgs and 6 to go cause I put on heaps over the chemo time !! Feeling ok about no boobs .and that means no bras !!!!I'm alive !!! :))))

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Breast cancer affects one out of every eight women in their lifetime.

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