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This is my second round with cancer.At the young age of 19, in 1982 I was diagnosed with Hodskinson disease. I had 13 weeks of radiation then intense chemo and back to a few weeks momore of chemo before God healed me. Doctors could not explain. Now I am 52 years old and Doctors have diagnosed me with DCIS. It seems with all the radiation I had the first round has put me in a high risk of breast cancer. Surgeon says that with a Mastectomy and Tamifen it lowers my risk to 14% of getting in the right breast. I would have to have mammogram every 6 no plus MRI once a year. I could have a double Mastectomy anand never worry about again without any meds. Any suggestions for those who have faced a choice like this. Any regrets? I am not a cannot have reconstruction do to lung damage from tradition. I don't know if I even want the other. Please any insight will help.

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