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Survivor since 2008

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I was diagnosed just after Christmas in 2007. I was 37 with no history of breast cancer on my maternal side. I was fortunate to find the lump so we caught it fairly early. I immediately became a patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. I began chemo in February 2008 by July I was done. I had a Modified Radical Mastectomy of the right breast in August followed by 6 weeks of radiation. I have been cancer free since then.

I had a TRAM flap done in 2009 and a revision surgery in 2010. I am scheduled for another revision surgery on October 28, 2011. Hopefully this will be the last of the reconstructive surgeries and I can get my new nipple in 3 months.

I'm in a relationship with a loving man who thinks I am brave and beautiful. Wow. Life isn't defined but what happens to you, it's defined by whom you love, how you love and how you live it!

God Bless all who are on this journey and high fives to those that have survived it. For those that we've lost, never forget them and do your part to bring help and awareness to all women, in their memory and honor.

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