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I'm 47 yrs old & I was diagnosed Sept. 22, 2011 w/breast cancer. I found the lump in my right breast in May 2011 & thought I was being overly suspicious. It wasn't until (aug.2011) I noticed my nipple's itchyness, the nipple trying to invert, heat, redness, ridges, puckering & heaviness that I realized I wasn't crazy. I made an appt w/my Gyno & she immediatly sent me for a mammy & to see a general surgeon. He did a core biopsy & it came back Positive for cancer. I asked for a second opinion & found a breast specialist in Nashville whom I like very much & feel comfortable with, but, when I asked what type cancer this was, she replied "just your run of the mill breast cancer". At first she suggested a lumpectomy w/6 wks of radiation. Well, she sent me to see the plastic surgeon who explained that they would be removing about 25% or more of the breast & I would be left w/a huge scooped-out area, if you will. He recommended a full mastectomy, in which I concurred.
Then an MRI showed what may be cancer in the left breast as well & a biopsy of a right side lymph node in the Dr.'s office reveled its in that node. So, I met w/my oncologist Oct. 31, 2011 & he wants to try 2 rounds of Chemo to see how the cancer & tumor react. By the way, the tumor is now 11 x 7 cms. We are scheduled to begin my first Chemo treatment on Nov. 14, 2011.
I want to know all I can about what type cancer I have, which I thought it looked more like Inflammatory Breast Cancer? I just don't want to step on my Dr.'s toes or them to think I'm rude, but, I would like more direct answers. And, not feel like I have to drag it out of them or for her to tell me if they're not sure what type it is yet.
I've had several Biopsy's, an MRI-guided Biopsy, Mammy's, Ultrasounds, Blood drawn & will be doing a PET, CT & Echo in these next couple of weeks.

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